Application Reports

In the following, you can find application reports in which we present a selected product for special application scenarios. Have a look – perhaps you will find the instrument you are looking for right here.

Shipbuilding Industry

Subsea gauge as control instrument to a depth of 3000 m (10,000 ft)
Differential pressure gauge for differential pressure measurement in submarines


Capsule gauge for low pressure and bourdon tube pressure gauges for natural gas transfer stations

Water and Waste Water

Diaphragm pressure gauges in chlorine metering systems

Oil and Gas

Flange type chemical seal with high soft membrane with pressure and differential pressure transmitter, using the original cap flanges
Pressure gauges for monitoring of residual pressure in gas bottles
Pressure Measurement in Alkylation Units for the Gasoline Production

Food Industry

Chemical seals in the application field of the coffee industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Differential pressure measurement for filter monitoring of ambient air

Building Services Engineering and Refrigeration Engineering

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for pressure measurement in large-scale refrigeration plants

Rail Cars

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for pressure monitoring on tank wagons for powdery goods
Duplex pressure gauge for brake pressure measurement in road/rail vehicles

Fire Extinguishing and Fire Protection

Pressure gauges for respiratory protective equipment


Bourdon tube pressure gauges for agricultural field sprayers
Bourdon tube pressure gauges for filling levels in the automotive industry
In-line seals for pressure measurement on painting installations
Pressure gauges for inspections of air brake systems on trucks
Bourdon tube pressure gauges for water jet cutting and high pressure cleaning
Diaphragm pressure gauges for the measurement of steam pressure in field kitchens
Digital thermometer LILLY for the reliable temperature measurement of sensitive media